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William Sachse --- 1820-1899

"A Texan, Under Three Flags"

william sachseHe arrived while Texas was still a Republic, saw it admitted to the Union, and during the Civil War, served in the Confederate Army.

William Sachse, a settler of Texas and an extensive landowner, was born in Erfurd, Prussia, December 16, 1820, was reared at a hotel, and at the age oftwenty came to America, landing in New York in August, 1840; thence he went to Philadelphia, thence to Pittsburgh, thence to Missouri where he lived until 1844, and thence started for Texas,arriving here January 15, 1845. Others came with him, and the party first located in Collin County, but the Indians were very hostile and forced them back.

Mr. Sachse found refuge in Lamar County and there made a crop; in the fall he returned to Collin and that county has been his home ever since. While in Lamar County he married (1845) and on his return to Collin secured 640 acres and commenced improving it at once. He was very successful as a farmer, rancher and trader, acquired 5,000 acres of good land.

Resource of these facts were obtained from: "Sachse Remembered 1840 - 1940" by © Mary Allene Jones

Martha Anne Frost Sachse --- 1833 - 1916

martha sachseMartha Ann was the eighth child born to Benjamin Frost and Elizabeth Lawler. She was born in Shelby County, Alabama on September 14, 1833. The family moved to Mississippi when she was very young, and her mother died when she was eight years old. She had a step-mother by the time she was ten, and came to Texas with her family when she was thirteen (1846).

The Frost Land Grant was in the Big Spring area, bounded by what is now Shiloh, Apollo, and Glenbrook Drive.

On March 23, 1854 Martha Ann married William Sachse in Dallas County, Texas. William was several years older than Martha Ann, and had been married before to Elizabeth McCullough. He already had three children, one of whom had died soon after Martha and William were married.

Martha was the mother of ten children, and at the time of her death had fifty-five grandchildren and forty-three great grandchildren. Many Sachse descendants reside in the Sachse, Texas area to this day.

The Sachse’s first home was a half “dug-out” built in a hole for protection from the Indians as well as making it cool in summer and warm in winter. Later, William built a “real” house over it. It is referred to as the “rock house” and named Lone Elm Ranch. The house was located on the part of the Sachse land in Collin County, and it was here that all their children were born.

In later years, William Sachse built a brick house in the town that bears his name. Martha Ann and William lived in the new house in Sachse until they died. William died in 1899, and Martha Ann died in 1916. They are both buried in the Sachse Cemetery.*

When the brick house was razed in 1969, the bricks were used in three other homes in Sachse. When one of those burned, the bricks were salvaged and are now in possession of the Sachse Historical Society. Contractors who built the parking lot of Northplace Church in Sachse, site of the Sachse home, found that bricks were buried three feet wide and six feet deep to prevent Indians from digging under the walls of the home. Imagine the life this pioneer woman led!

*Excerpted from Benjamin Frost: A Texan From Tennessee by Ruth Hollar Rickaway, D. Armstrong Co., Inc. Publisher, Houston, Texas, 1981, pp 205-208.

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Elizabeth McCullough --- 18-- - 18--

Elizabeth was William Sachse's first wife, to whom was born James Alfred Sachse (1849-1930)