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Daniel Herring --- 1812-1882

daniel herringDaniel Herring, a sixth generation American, was from a long line of Virginia colonists. His maternal ancestors arrived in James City County in 1623, and his paternal antecedents were in Lower Norfolk County in 1642.

He arrived in Texas via Illinois on December 24, 1848. Daniel Herring, along with William Sachse, acquired considerable property in addition to his original land grant. They were the only two local land grant recipients to remain a lifetime on their original surveys. The Herring family story is interwoven incredibly with the Sachse family story, and substantial portions of both grants still belong to Herring and Sachse descendants.

Daniel Herring's land also reached the area through which the railroad was to be built, but Daniel died in 1882, four years before right of way was being solicited.

herring family 1880 daguerreotype of the children of Daniel Herring and Mary Deck Herring: Front row (l-r) Joshua Lawrence Herring, John Herring, Anna Herring Loften. Back row: Sallie Herring Hogge, Mariah Herring Lee, Martha Herring McAmis, Nancy Herring Parks. Daniel Herring children Daniel's first wife, Mary Deck Herring, is buried in the Maxwell Decatur Cemetery, and his second wife, Elizabeth Newman Herring, is buried in the Herring-Hogge Cemetery on Murphy Road.

Resource of these facts were obtained from: "Sachse Remembered 1840 - 1940" by © Mary Allene Jones